We're obsessed with security. We've gone to extraordinary lengths to protect against hacking, breaches and identity theft.

Our data center has security protocols that include gated and monitored facility grounds, 24/7 armed security and biometric identity verification before anyone can open an equipment cabinet. Additionally, our facility has no exposed power or connectivity wires, minimizing the risk of accidents and preventing anyone from conducting malicious attacks.

Our software security runs under SSL protocol and the highest level of encryption technology, 256-bit. All Internet traffic filters through a perimeter firewall. Intrusion detection is constantly scanning the network for attacks and password cracking activities. Company-wide virus protection blocks viruses and Trojan horses. All user information resides offline, behind firewalls and is not accessible from the Internet.

Our user verification draws on more than 100,000 data sets to dramatically reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Our additional proprietary security measures run algorithms to constantly monitor for inconsistencies and anomalies in the system. Fraudulent activity is flagged and those sessions are immediately terminated.